Kennedy High School

                     Guidance & Counseling Program


Students will be provided a comprehensive developmental guidance and
counseling program within a safe and encouraging environment with the
support and collaboration of parents and guardians, teachers,
administrators, and the surrounding community.  The program activities
implemented will be based on the academic, personal/social, and career
development needs of all students.  This program will assist students gain
awareness and insight into how their daily interactions function within
their life, take responsibility for their behavior and consequences for
their actions, and help students find strategies and coping skills that
will allow them to make informed and effective  choices within their daily
life.  The program will be delivered through the following four components
by the school counselor:

          Guidance Curriculum:  structured classroom and group presentations

          Individual Planning:  educational evaluation, planning and placement

          Responsive Services:  individual counseling, small-group counseling,

         consultation, and referral

System Support:  program management, professional development,

           staff and community relations, consultation, committee participation,
           community outreach, research and development

The comprehensive guidance and counseling program is designed to
meet the district minimum expectations and to meet the needs of
the community it serves.  Identified students’ needs will be based
on a campus needs survey and follow:
  • Motivation to Achieve

  • Goal-Setting Skills

  • Self-Confidence Development

  • Problem-Solving & Communication Skills

  • Responsible Behavior

  • Support System

  • Advocacy






Last Modified on January 23, 2017