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Edgewood Students read and tested on MORE than a quarter million books last year in
This year we are on track to surpass that record!
These lists were selected by the Language Arts Department of the Edgewood Independent School District because they contain interesting, engaging,and award winning books. This summer we our asking our students to READ! READ! READ!
Pre-Kinder3rd Grade6th Grade
Grado PreescolarTercer Grado7th Grade
Kinder4th Grade8th Grade
Jardin de NinosCuarto GradoHS lists all with Parent Letter
1st Grade5th Grade High School List English I
Primer GradoQuinto GradoHigh School List English II
2nd GradePK-8 lists all with Parent LetterHigh School List English III
Segundo GradoHigh School List English IV
Expository Reading Page
Now students can find expository selections from hundreds of periodicals with the click of the mouse!
Edgewood adds to extensive ebook collection
Now with almost 7000 items available for download, the Edgewood District Library has one of the largest ebook collections in Texas. Check with your campus Librarian for username and password so you can access this awesome resource.
Historic Edgewood online
This site is a visual archive of the history of our community.
This work-in-progress depicts a part of the Edgewood story as retold by the documents, yearbooks, newspapers and pictures of our students, teachers, families and friends.
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