Welcome to Ms. Hernandez's
Classroom Page

This classroom is dedicated to the understanding of Science principles and concepts.  Students will learn a variety of information ranging from Earth Science to Space Science.  The objectives of this class are to advance students' understanding of Science and prepare them for future academic success.
Tutorials are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-4:45pm.

Classroom Sequence: My classroom will follow the schedule below to ensure that all students get a well-rounded academic experience.

Grade 08 Science

 1st Nine Weeks

Gr 8 Unit 01: Science Safety 

Gr 8 Unit 02: Force and Motion

Gr 8 Unit 03: Newton's Laws

Gr 8 Unit 04: Forces that Change the Earth

2nd Nine Weeks

Gr 8 Unit 05: Climatic Interactions

Gr 8 Unit 06: Earth Cycles

Gr 8 Unit 07 and 8: Light Years and Theories and Characteristics of the Universe

 3rd Nine Weeks

Gr 8 Unit 09: Atoms

Gr 8 Unit 10: Periodic Table

Gr 8 Unit 11: Chemical Formulas, Equations 
                    and Reactions

 4th Nine Weeks

Gr 8 Unit 12: Interdependence Among Living

Gr 8 Unit 13: Experimental Design