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Summer is the Time for e-Reading!

Don’t fall behind during the months of summer vacation!

The Edgewood District Library has more than 8,000 ebooks and audio books available on our Follettshelf for you to check out anytime and anywhere using your computer or mobile device.


How to Access an E-book for Virtual Summer Reading


1) Download the free app – Destiny Discover eReader.

2) Open the app and choose “Texas” from the location dropdown and then

       select your school from the list and click on “Go!”.

3) Enter your ID/lunch number for your user name.

4) Enter your ID/lunch number for your password.


You also have a FREE personalized literacy collection,
 Summer Days
Have a great summer break!
**To start the new year we are kicking off by starting a GGMS Book Club, see your librarian to sign up** 
GGMS Library
Library Hours: 8:00-4:00
4:00-4:30 (Monday-Friday)
Open=Time available for students to check books in & out, and or any class to sign up.  
(See Library Calendar for class schedules)

Nelda Paz 
Gus Garcia Middle School

Hello, I am really excited to be working with the Edgewood community again.  My primary goal is for the library to be welcoming and offer a setting that allows all students and their families to feel that they can utilize the library.  The library has many functions; libraries have evolved just like all other aspects of our lives, due to technology.  With that said, a 21st century library is diverse and embraces the different facets of learning.  Moreover, Gus Garcia is committed to promoting reading.  We will be using the AR program (accelerated reading program).  I am looking forward to working with the students, teachers, parents, and Gus community.
AR, Accelerated Reader - https://hosted380.renlearn.com/237110/ 
Follet Username and Password: eisd 
*** (New) Book River   Campus Book Catalog